Top 3 Reasons to Recycle Your Tech

There are dozens of reasons why recycling your tech can be beneficial to you, your business, and the world. So, why don't all companies do it? If you're putting together a case for tech recycling at your organization, be sure to weave in these compelling points.

1. It Helps Your Bottom Line. How much money is all the computers, phones, tablets and other tech in that storage closet fetching you these days? Probably none. In fact, if you consider how much you pay for that square footage in rent or mortgage payment, it's actually costing you money to keep it. Recycling your tech with a trusted tech recycling firm can fetch you up to 50% of the item's original cost. Who doesn't want that money back?

2. It's Good for the Environment. Study after study shows how overstocked our landfills are across the globe, and our tech includes some of the most poisonous chemicals we put back into the ground. Recycling your tech keeps it out of the landfill. Not only that, but today's consumers love to frequent brands that reflect their social values. Tech recycling could be a great first step in your social responsibility strategy.

3. It Can Help Someone Succeed. On the other end of your organization's tech recycling is someone who can start a business, help children learn, or serve their community. When you recycle your tech with a trusted recycling firm, that tech is sustainably refurbished, wiped clean, and sold or donated to people who need it. What a great thing to get to do for someone!


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